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Magnetic Pickups

A magnetic pickup is an AC generator.

It is normally installed into the flywheel housing of an internal combustion engine, so that the starter ring gear acts upon it to generate a voltage pulse each time a gear tooth passes the end of the sensor.

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Specifications Drawer: 
  • Housing Material:
    • MP3298: Type 300 Stainless Steel.
      • Locknut: Type 300 Stainless Steel.
    • MP7905 and MP7906: Type 6061 Aluminum/Anodize Class 1.
      • Locknut: Steel Nickel Plated.
  • Output Leads (all models): Two insulated leads, 20AWG, STR/TEF insulated per MIL-W-16878D Type E, 1 White and 1 Black.
  • Output Voltage (all models): 200 V.P.P. TYP. (tested at 1000 I.P.S. 20 Pitch gear, 0.005 Gap., and 100K OHM Load).
  • Coil Resistance:
    • MP3298: 975 Ohms TYP.
    • MP7905 and MP7906: 2500 Ohms TYP.
  • Potting (all models): Internal portion of pickup is filled with epoxy resin, making the magnetic pickup oil and moist resistant.
  • Temperature (all models): -65° to +225°F (-54 ° to 107°C).
  • Coil Induct.:
    • MP3298: 800 mH max, @ 1K Hz.
    • MP3298: 400 mH TYP. @ 1K Hz.

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